Quarantine trip: In the capital presented the author's film about climbing on Mount Athos

02.05.2020 12:43

Famous Ukrainian journalist Roman Bochkala presented the film "Athos" about the ascent to the Holy Mountain and hidden in the rocks secret settlement of monks.

The movie premiered on April 30 in online format.

Athos is a unique pilgrimage site located in the Aegean Sea. Thousands of orthodox people come here every year. Despite this, the peninsula still remains a rather closed and mysterious place and accepts not all of them.

"For 4 days, we were here, in our way were both the most famous locations of the Aphus, and very difficult to reach. What is only the trail of sheer rock. But our main goal was to climb, how we succeeded and what happened on the way — look in the movie! "— Roman Bochkala shared.

The film was directed by Oleg Yerofeyev. This is not the first collaboration of authors. In the past, Jeremiah was already directing a journalist's film about his trip to Afghanistan.

Composer-talented Alexander Gorsky.

Roman Bochkala-Ukrainian journalist, military correspondent, public figure. He covered military and civil conflicts in Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kosovo, Lebanon, Rwanda, Liberia, Egypt, South Ossetia, Mountain Abkhazia, Jordan and Turkey. He has the honorary title "honored Journalist of Ukraine".

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