In Kharkiv region, the girl's death was filled with sand

07.05.2020 08:06

In the Kharkiv region as a result of the collapse of his career was filled with sand of three children, one girl killed.

"About 15:20 to Zolochiv Police Department received a message stating that near Zolochiv children were filled with sand... At the indicated address, it became known that three children 9, 8, 5 years accompanied by parents played near a sandy career.  Suddenly there was a collapse of soil. The children were filled with sand.

Two of them managed to get immediately, and eight-year-old girl found under rubble only in 15-20 minutes without consciousness. Despite the adoption of resuscitation measures, the child could not save, "reports Police Kharkiv region

The local police have made information about the event in the YERPI for P. 2. Article 115 of the Criminal Code with a note "accident".


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