The building of the StopCor office was covered with illiterate flyers by unknown foes

The building in Kyiv, where the StopCor office is placed, was attacked by ignoramuses on the night of August 29-30th. In the morning, the employees of the office center had seen terrible colorful sleaze instead of a tidy building because the walls were covered by muddy kind of catchy colored flyers. In addition to the aesthetic shock, educated people also experienced the cultural shock because of the grammar mistakes in the flyers text inexcusable even for schoolkids.

After jokes and laughing, the representatives of StopCor commented on the content of that “masterpiece”.

“Someone is obviously very displeased with our success in fighting corruption. Over the years, the organization exposed a lot of corrupt officials and stopped a lot of corruption schemes. So, only the last week, based on our message, the Prosecutor's Office of the Kyiv region had opened a pre-trial investigation on the facts of illegal sand mining in Zazym`ya, which is located in the Kyiv region” - the representatives of the project informed.

It should be noted that the case of the well-known sandy poacher Mykhailo Burda, whose illegal actions were investigated by StopCor for a long time, is now being considered in court. Eventually, he was handed over the transfer of money and suspected of blackmail (for each cubic meter of sand extracted) regarding to the sand mining businessman in the Obukhiv district.

It`s also possible that illiterate flyers could be the product of the disadvantaged “anti-corruptionists”, who were excluded from the organization because of their incompetence and incompatibility of their actions with the principles, aims and vision of StopCor. These three persons, including two cheaters and one pseudo-journalist, after being exiled, developed violent activity to discredit the organization. However, the true motive that remains behind the scenes and outside the social networks is that all of them need money shamelessly called “fees”, which allegedly should have been paid to them. That absolutely does not fit reality - all three of them had never been true journalists, among other things because of their disability to write competently without mistakes.

However, the attacker will be found anyway, and StopCor continues its activity no matter what happened. We understand that there always were and there always will be the foes. So, we recommend them to learn their native language or at least to buy an orthographic dictionary.